The Silver Fangs

This regal tribe’s B.C. contingent has not weathered well the last fifteen years. As the Covenant’s edicts gradually lost strength, the Silver Fangs seemed powerless to restore order. The vampires were always one step ahead. The conviction and vision behind the dream waned, coinciding with Daly’s death, presumably due to Representative Montgomery Abercorn’s sorrow over the loss of his friend and the destabilizing effect of Guttooth’s abortive coup. The few attempts made in the years between 2000 and 2007 to drum up support for a possible war against the Leeches, irked many Garou, notably the Children of Gaia and the Glass Walkers, who disregarded this as a distraction, a waste of time and resources. They concluded that the Silver Fangs no longer had any interest in restoring the Covenant, if they had ever. The subsequent alienation of the Silent Striders further polarized the rest of the Vancouver Garou in their opinions about the White Wolves. The Silver Fangs are generally held accountable for the success or failure of the People, extending even to Council policy, which is cynically regarded as a Silver Fang prop, now. Now, much of the noble population has simply retreated to their forest enclaves or to expensive properties in Vancouver where they provide consult for younger leaders and initiate rituals for novices.

They count just 20 among their tribe in B.C. A quarter of these, calling themselves the Moon Silver Protectorate, inhabit the lands surrounding Williston Lake. Twice that many can be found in the Gaia Guard Protectorate, whose locus is Cache Creek. All of the rest belong to the Forest Ghost Sept from Indian Arm, north of North Vancouver. This largest sept is the most reclusive, despite being so close to the city. The wolf-breed among them inhabit the wooded shores and islands while their homid members live like hermits, tucked away in hard-to-reach places. The other two groups are also very reclusive but, being so far from civilization, anyway, they have little to prove. They are internally consistent with their privacy; unless directed to do so by a superior or invited to do so by a friend, none will reveal the whereabouts of a fellow Fang. Generally speaking, it is difficult to find a Silver Fang if one does not wish to be found. Almost all belong to House Unbreakable Hearth, though, as an extension of the Compact, other Houses can be found in the area, notably Blood Red Crest and Wise Heart. More Renewalists are to be found with the Ghosts and Moon Silver but the former tends to view its ethos through a lens of direct-action, rather than the Moon Silvers’ “leadership by example.” Gaia Guard Protectorate is notoriously Royalist; it is believed that this stems from the proximity of their Protectorate to Spuzzum and the need to keep the Get (and everyone else) well in hand. They tend to view authority displays and strong leaders as necessities in maintaining virtuous order.

Silver Fang public presence, as previously noted, and especially among more traditionalist members, has diminished noticeably. The death of the Covenant has been a shock to their political clout and many werewolves lay blame on the Fangs for their inability to save the peace. Abercorn, their leader, is now in his early 90’s and with no clear successor, the tribe now faces serious internal and external challenges in the process of finding his replacement. They appear to be withdrawing their hands from projects which were once their dominion, most notably the issue of the Edgewater Casino, built on Wyrmground strong enough to support a Hive, and the mysterious disappearances in Victoria. The tribe’s elders are very reticent but not so detached as to allow a power vacuum to be formed. Upstarts are dealt with harshly, such that even the Fenrir have questioned the necessity of this great severity, but the Fangs always cite “the Guttooth Example.” These punitive efforts are frequent and brutal enough to remind the other Garou who is in charge. A strong Renewalist presence in the area, preaching transparency and diplomacy, which the current administration does not much utilize, is gaining ground among more moderate Silver Fangs and loyalists from other tribes. These younger and more energetic Fangs are trying to buck the trend but propaganda efforts from the Impergiate(among others) have made clear the incipient madness that centuries have inbreeding have laid bare in these fresh faces. But the inescapable truth is that Abercorn has been experiencing noticeable difficulty with his memory, a Sword of Damocles above the tribe’s collective head, indeed.

Ugly rumours have begun to circulate about the tribe, though much if it seems to bear the mark of the Shadow Lords. Prominently, voices whisper that the Silver Fangs have depleted their lupus kin and none of B.C.‘s Fangs are wolf-breed. It is true that none of the Silver Fangs known to Vancouver Garou are recognized lupus. It’s also spoken that they have been merely puppets, that the Covenant was manufactured by Roger Daly and Abercorn used his station and the Fang’s power to manipulate the People into accepting an otherwise intolerable arrangement, one that was doomed to fail from the start. The tribe flatly denies both of these accusations and cites the lack of anyone seeking proper redress of grievance as evidence of their falsehood. They maintain that their wolf-kin are protected in large estates nearer the mountains, far from human contact, and that the Covenant was a dream of Daly’s that only noble, “true” Garou, like the Silver Fangs, could bring to life.

Montgomery Abercorn (Representative)

Cocky-Locky (ex-member)

Snow’s Fury

Gabriel Lancaster

Nuryevich-(R5 Hd Ph) As Master of the Rite, Nuryevich holds a place which is well-respected and necessary to the proper functioning of the caern. As one of the oldest and longest-serving sept members, he is a wealth of information about the caern and its surroundings. He came to Vancouver in 1968, after fleeing the USSR following its invasion of Czechoslovakia, and he has never looked back. Openly, he believes in ideals (and ideas) and his administering of the Garou rituals borders on the poetic. However, it is also known that he was in the possession of many devastating Punishment Rites before he arrived. He is warm to radicals but the extent to which this camaraderie entails forgiveness is unclear.

Adam Prenton

Kamal Wyrmstriker

Rachel Woods (R3 Hd Gl)-Rachel is one of the more well-liked Fangs of Vancouver and keeps a comparably high profile. She is much in demand by Garou in North America (and in a few other countries, as well) as an “events organizer” of sorts. Her attention to detail is extremely obsessive but the results are nothing short of epic. Any affair coordinated by her is guaranteed to please; any stage she sets will be remembered for years to come. She is known to have been somewhat embittered by the Council’s decision to grant the caern’s Keeper of the Land post to Qi Sung-Wen and not long after she openly embraced the Renewalist ethic. Royalists still make use of her services, though they tend not to recruit her for more courtly gatherings, mirroring her spite.

The Silver Fangs

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