The Council of Representatives

The Council of Representatives is the primary body politic of Vancouver’s Garou. It is made up of the “tribal leaders” in the region and each occupies an elected position, decided by Council vote following a nomination from within each tribe. There is no minimum or maximum length of a term. Currently, they meet by occasion and in different locations, though in past years they have adopted regularity, based on on the immediacy of the situation. The weeks following Seigfried’s overthrow had them locked in for days at a time, going to a different spot each night. Generally, however, the do not meet more than once a month (under a New Moon) and rarely in a place other than the Great Caern.

An empty seat is symbolically left open, per Abercorn’s wishes, for the departed Stargazers.

Although all members share equal standing (excluding Abercorn’s authority), not all members are the same in terms of their actual power. The death of Roger Daly left a hole inadequately filled by the remaining Glass Walkers, making it a hotly contested position with remarkable turnover, while the Black Furies’ own Angela Moon’s-Blood has presented a distinctly more focused plan than Olga Norquist’s term. The disbarring of the Silent Strider, however, has not wrought the tragic undoing of the tribe many seemed to think imminent. On the contrary, cynics now guess that the Striders are just as happy to have one less meeting to attend.

The Representatives of each tribe are as follows:

Black Furies-Angela Moon’s-Blood (since 2006)

Bone Gnawers-Isaac (since 1989)

Children of Gaia-Nelson Chang (since 1985)

Fianna-Brendan Dooley (since 1986)

Get of Fenris-Stefan Ewald (since 1974)

Glass Walkers-Currently vacant (since Jan 2009)

Red Talons-Looksfar (since 1981)

Shadow Lords-Lukasz Kawecki (since 1984)

Silent Striders-Not Applicable (since 2007)

Silver Fangs-Montgomery Abercorn (since 1957)

Uktena-Coros (since 1989)

Wendigo-Jim George (since 1980)

The Council of Representatives

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