Damage and Healing

If a Werewolf takes damage past Incapacitated:

Bashing: The werewolf falls unconscious but remains in whatever form they were in. They will heal one health level per turn.

Lethal: The werewolf falls unconscious and reverts to breed form. Any additional damage will kill them. They heal one level per eight hours.

Aggravated: The werewolf will die unless they channel their rage to stay active.

Werewolves can attempt to wake up after falling unconscious, roll Stamina + Primal Urge difficulty 4+1 for every damage level.

Werewolves can channel their rage when they fall unconscious. Roll Rage difficulty 8, each success will heal one level. Assuming the werewolf remains active they will start the next turn in a frenzy, and suffer a battle scar.

Damage and Healing

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