Winter Games

Jan 21-Afternoon

Gabe enjoyed a long and less-than-intense meeting with Abercorn, who seemed genuinely interested in his affairs and thoughts. He implies that Gabe reminds him of someone. He does not speak much of Vancouver history, citing Gabe’s reluctance to involve himself in Garou politics. Abercorn does, however, introduce Gabe to the man behind the mysterious phone calls, Paul Oleson, and indicates that he is of concern to the Silver Fangs. He counsels Gabe to continue his investment in the curling team and asks for his trust.

Wolf wants a job so he can have roller blades and meat so he goes to Granville Market to look for employ. He stumbles upon someone shopping for soppressatta who immediately has work for him. How convenient! Wolf is introduced to a co-employer, named Chuck, and is bought a hunk of whale steak by his nameless partner. They say the job is to prevent people from not recycling paper waste. No details about payment are arranged. The job seems to be a task, to keep the wrong people from getting papers which are being thrown away.

Guy reconnects with Wolf and Spire after they leave the Granville Market. Together, they head to the location indicated by Wolf’s new employers, a community development office on East Hastings.

Oobick returns to Tuna’s home where he sees a group of smartly-dressed Aboriginals coming out to greet them. They briefly and intensely interrogate Tuna, smashing his truck headlight, and then leave. Old Teacher and Oobick then take a walk around the reservation, observing and musing on the various sights and sounds and activities, like disrespectful children and a domestic dispute involving a taser-wielding cop. Old Teacher lectured Oobick about many things, in an out of coherency, but became incensed when Oobick adopted a somewhat patronizing tone. Now, the elder is going to show him how to drive a car so that he can go to a liquor outlet.


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