The campaign is built from the source material provided by WW’s “Dark Alliance: Vancouver” text. It is a continuation of that storyline and focuses on the werewolf perspective at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, nearly 20 years after the scenarios presented in the book. The original premise of that book is the slow collapse of the detente (called the Covenant) between the Kindred and the Garou of that Canadian city.

In its day, the Covenant was a hopeful model for all the world’s cities in which vampires and werewolves were forced to acknowledge one another’s presence. Though calling it peace is perhaps too certain a description, it is undeniable that a deal was struck, one which provided for both sets of needs without bloodied surrender or political treachery. Time has passed, the world has changed, subplots have grown murkier, and tension between the two supernatural groups has shifted into antipathy, their world becoming less like the Covenant of old Vancouver with each bygone night. What was once a substantial boon to each race’s interests has become nothing but a worn and painful memory, often seen as an error in the preceding generation’s judgment. The Garou find themselves divided in all but spirit as power plays rise again and again within the tribes. And still, the ancient enemies send forth a few missionaries of peace, apparently striving to repair the trust lost in the decade-and-a-half since the failing of their previous restraints. What has each side learned of the flawed first attempt? And about whom, truly, did they learn?

With the 2010 Olympics in the offing and the world’s eye upon this Pacific hub, what will be revealed? How can ancient prophecies, spiritual threats, and resurrected horrors be brought to bear upon the Garou in secrecy, even while the nations of Man pour into Vancouver to sample of the material realm’s finest? And what does it mean to be born between worlds? What is the experience (some would rather say the curse) of the wolf-man? Should they revel in their half-lives, never fully committing to the human obligations set forth for them by transient mortal society? Or should they strive long and arduously to be accepted, clinging to culture which, for their half-man eyes and hearts, is transparent and cold? Each player shall, for themselves, be the arbiter of these positions and shall make their way to understanding and internal harmony. Else, they will fail and never know peace, treading into the Final Days with nothing but their Rage to sustain them.

What will you decide?

By the way, much of what is here is interpolated from the aforementioned WW text. I choose to use it to make my story well-grounded but I make no claim to the book or its content.

Winter Games

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