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West Coast Burning: The Final Chapter.

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As the world draws nearer to the Apocalypse, champions shall arise and carry the banner of the Garou, either to victory or total destruction.

In the heart of the metropolitan, Wyld spirits clash with the Weaver’s minions of ultimate order and the Wyrm’s own sickening brood, with the werewolves forced to act as the arbiters of these vast cosmic forces.

The human herds, numbed to their own sensitivities by technological advances beyond the wildest dreams of the most visionary soothsayers, make war daily against the shapechangers, savage killers in state of complete unknowing.

The Kindred, the vampiric foes of the People for uncountable millennia, twist the world of men to serve their own vindictive designs, all under the veil of night.

The House Rules (At Least Read This Part)

Neorealist oWoD

The Numbers Game

Plot Synopsis from 1995 to the Present Day

Relations Between the Garou and the Kindred

Some Notes on Roleplaying the Garou

2009-2010 Moon Calendars

Damage and Healing

The Populations

The Black Furies

The Bone Gnawers

The Children of Gaia

The Fianna

The Get of Fenris

The Glass Walkers

The Red Talons

The Shadow Lords

The Silent Striders

The Silver Fangs

The Stargazers

The Uktena

The Wendigo

The Covenant

The Compact


Vancouver, British Columbia

The Umbrascape of Vancouver

Buildings & Architecture

TD Tower


The Great Caern

Vancouver Art Gallery

Mum’s Diner

Groups and Organizations

The Fera

The Impergiate

Kindred of Vancouver

Northern Moon Ventures

The Council of Representatives

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