The Beast is One Helluva Drug.


Spent 5 years training Koga Ryu-style Ninjutsu in a retreat. He still studies and practices and is skilled in jujutsu, swordsmanship, and various weapons, firearms and explosives.

He smokes only fine cigars.

Harold Sisko, dec, taught him a lot about Glasswalker society and about politics, the stock market and shit like that. Ebon is better with money than most Gnawers, which is good, because he and Jackie inherited Harold’s family fortune after the last of them died. Ebon has his money in several banks, safe deposit boxes, stocks and bonds, and fine art and antiques safely hidden throughout Vancouver.

He has an afro and a sweet mustache.

Ebon is a feminist, and anarchist, and he’s very protective of his half brother and sister, Thor and Jazzie.

To-do list:
1. Observe and find out what is happening in Burnaby and Downtown.
2. Form a pack while remaining in contact with The Black Vigil.
3. Find Spire.
4. Find out what exactly happened to Guy and what’s up with TD Tower.
5. Keep nose clean, at least until dug in and a pack is formed.


Ebonyzer grew up in a poor neighborhood in White Rock, Surrey. On dead-end street lived a dozen or so black families—most of whom where related to Ebonyzer, and as a result, there was a high population of kin and garou, though the mature changers have all left, having found their callings elsewhere. There were several Jamaican families that moved in as well. They clung together, surrounded by white folks. Racism and discrimination was at foot, partially because of the color of their skin, but also the smell of the wolf also had something to do with it. Most outsiders wouldn’t step foot on their street—except for drug dealers.

There were red neck pushers from the trailer park selling crack to many of the residents and shit got out of hand. Kids were dropping out of school, parents became neglectful and abusive, etc. Ebonyzer and his cousin and best friend, Jackie Saint, formed a pack of 13-18 year-old garou and drove the drug dealers out. A the climax of the campaign, violence broke out when one of the pack members, Harold Sisko—the only non-gnawer (a glass walker), killed one of the dealers and send three others to the ER’s doorstop when he frenzied. Later in the week, there was a retaliation while this pack, called the Black Vigil, were away at their first moot. A home invasion took place in Sisko’s parents house. Both of his parents were killed.

When the bone gnawer community caught wind of this tragedy (mainly the elder garou of the Goggs Street families who were always away on missions), they intervened and the grown-ups dealt with the situation. Sisko, having received a large and unexpected inheritance (his parent’s faked being poor to “fit it”), helped the pack move in a less violent direction. When they were of age, they ventured out into Surrey and cleaned the place up. They held rallies, got involved in politics, planted gardens, cleaned graffiti off elementary schools—all for the sake of winning the hearts of the people and to give hope to those who had nothing. The general consensus was that if Surrey wasn’t such a shit-hole, people wouldn’t turn to drugs. And it worked—for a while.

Outside forces, including drug-trafficking gangs and vampires, pushed back harder. It eventually became evident that the Black Vigil would once again have to embrace The Beast. This time though, they tried to keep things hidden under the veil of benevolence. They didn’t beat up petty drug dealers—only probed them for information, stalking and spying on them until they were able to find the source. Most of the Black Vigil’s violent campaigns stopped major drug shipments, major deals, etc. They had to be clever, because they were vastly outnumbered. Their most successful plot was one that used the help of the Corax, Guy. They managed to pit two gangs against each other at an abandoned dock. With only a couple gangsters left, The Black Vigil finished them off so there would be no surviving witnesses.

They eventually discovered the source of a drug called uber-crack. This also became the first time they had to deal with Pentex. Jackie sent Ebon and Sisko to join a mission of several other changers from around BC to take out a suspected factory. This is where Ebon met Spire. The mission was a major failure. Ebon and Spire were the only survivors (though both thought the other dead).

After Harold Sisko died, Jackie Saint, the eldest and the alpha, decided they were in over their heads and they needed to cut their losses. At this point, they had managed to secure four neighborhoods, completely free from hard drug abuse and violent crime. A few years later when most of them were in their late 30’s, early 40’s, Jackie made the call, and asked for a volunteer to leave and start a pack to keep watch on things in Burnaby and to a lesser extent, Downtown Vancouver, from where news of increased violence, corruption and overall uneasiness was coming. Ebon, who had become beta after Sisko’s death, accepted the mission—especially when he saw a YouTube video of Spire climbing TD Tower.


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