Winter Games

January 28

Ebon, Wil, and Wolf’s experiences are described, rather accurately, in the previous posting.

Gabe and Builds-Boats are hitching to Spuzzum. Gabe was led to some baby squirrels and ate them. They also got a ride from Linda, a local, to a crossroads further into central BC. Gabe and Boats ate at a diner, after Gabe nearly had a small aneurysm when he realized that he had no cash to pay for food and that, effectively, he was broke, prior to finding the ATM out back. He bought a pie.

PawDiddle is hanging with Rodney, answering a call from Scylla. When their quarry goes to ground, they bail and buy drinks out in Burnaby, in the same place as Ebon and Wolf. They had already left when Rodney makes the connection, in regards to a scent recognition of the Lancasters which wolf made. Rod and Paw make their way back to the safehouse and events played out the way already stated (q.v.).


DrPeabody DrPeabody

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