Winter Games

Dealing With Dumbasses: Part 1 (Jan 28)

So Wil and I finally found Wolf Blitzer. We brought him back to the house and Wolf simultaneously impressed and pissed off everyone at the card table. I told him that if he bought everyone beer that he might make some friends. At the liquor store we ran into the glass walker “Rodney” and some other guy I vaguely recognize named “Paw Diddle”. We exchanged pleasantries and went back home.

Next thing I know they come fucking knocking on the door and Mister Unwordly Blitzer answered it before any of us could react. I didn’t realize ’til now that the glass boys, as broken and disoriented as they might be, would want to “take” Wolf for themselves. Finders fucking keepers, bitch.

Regardless, Rodney tried to snatch Wolf from our house arrest, which the kinfolk replied to with the threatening business ends of shotguns and sub machine guns. So at my advice, Rodney and Paw came inside and we had a chat. Rodney got all aggro and cavalier and began tossing threats at us. Since I told him I was under orders, I tried to calm him down by telling him I’d try to get Issac and G-Stinky to come over. I tried making calls again and whattayknow fuckin’ Macaroni Tooth actually picked up this time. Though he didn’t bring G-Stinky and Issac with him, which superbly pissed off Rodney. But fuck him anyway, he had already threatened to bring his glass walker cronies to MY FAMILY’S FUCKING HOUSE. If he’s gonna cry about it, he’s just gonna make himself look like a little bitch. Paw seems like a good kid though.

I also learned that Gabe was missing. Proll’y evac’ed.



DrPeabody Xenomacabre

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